Mike Lundin’s 4-Game MLB Chase System

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Mike Lundin’s 4-Game MLB Chase System

mike-lundinOur MLB Expert Mike Lundin has successfully ran a 4-game chase system that he’s opening up for customers exclusively here at Professional Sport Picks, starting Monday September 7 2015.

The system is to be used with his Daily Top Rated 10* MLB *BIG HITTER* which you can sign up to get delivered direct to your email inbox for a low cost of just $69.95 / month.

The standard going rate for Mike’s Top Rated 10* *BIG HITTER* is $50/ play so you stand to both make and save a ton of money by signing up for this subscription.

Chase Result – Since September 7, 2015

Overall Record: 26-22
Series Record: 26-1
Result: +$390

  • Current Series
  • Bet 1: Pending
  • Last Series
  • Bet 1: Kansas City Royals +131 (Win)
  • Result: +$131


[wpecpp name=”Mike 4-game Chase System – 1 Month” price=”69.95″]

Add the email where you want the plays sent to as a “Note to seller”.

How To Use The System

If the previous bet lost you up the stake to win back the previous stake plus what you wagered to win until you’ve either won the series or lost four straight bets. Mike’s using $100 as his betting size for record keeping but you should adjust your stake depending on your bankroll.

Example of a series for a $100 bettor betting only odds at plus money:

Bet 1: Stake $100
Bet 2: Stake $200 ($100 to win back your original $100 + an additional $100 to make $100 profit)
Bet 3: Stake $400 ($300 to win back the previously staked $300 + an additional $100 to make $100 profit)
Bet 4: Stake $800 ($700 to win back the previously staked $700 + an additional $100 make a $100 profit)

If Bet 4 is a loser you cut your losses, chalk it up as a series loss and start over with a new series that starts with a $100 bet If any of the bets before Bet 4 was a winner you record the series as a winner and start a new series with a $100 bet.

Bankroll Requirements

As you can see in the example above a $100 bettor could end up risking $1500 in total for one series, or even more if there are juiced up plays. Keep in mind though, previous series won will be added to your bankroll and you should size your starting bet accordingly to the recommendations below.

Mike recommends using no more than 5% of your starting bankroll for the first bet of a series. While series losses are rare, they do happen and you don’t want to be out of the game just because of one series loss. This size allows you to maximize the growth of your bankroll but at the same time ensure that you can stay in the game long enough to ride out the variance.

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