Start Sports Betting as an Investment in 2017

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A new year is here, and what better time than now to step up your sports betting game and start sports betting as an investment. Here we will give you the best tips to make 2017 your most profitable year ever!

There is no way to sugar coat it; making money betting on sports is hard. You need to keep track of injuries, scheduling, line movements and what not, making it pretty much a full time job if your are to stand a chance to beat the oddsmakers.

Some like the challenge of beating the books, but it will almost always be a losing proposition and ultimately it’s all about putting those winnings in your pocket.

That’s why we recommend you to hire a professional handicapper to pick the winners for you.

The Best Sports Handicappers in the Industry

Our all sports leaderboard features some of the biggest names in the handicapping industry, and no one was better than Rob Vinciletti in 2016. He turned a profit of more than $9,000 for his $100/game bettors for a 5.6% ROI. That’s a return of more than five percent on each bet placed, and that beats the heck out of most investment funds and any bank interest rate you could possibly get.

Subscribing to a professional handicapper will cost you a bit of money, but if you purchase a subscription instead of individual picks you’ll get a lot of picks for your money, and you can think of it as an investment. Rob Vinciletti’s $1000/game betting clients netted more than $90,000 over the course of the year, far far more than the cost of his one-year package. Is $90,000 in profit really a number you realistically can achieve on your own?

Our No.2 and No. 3 handicappers for 2016 Teddy Davis and John Martin have 365 Day All Sports subscriptions available for $999.95 and $899.99 respectively, and Rob Vinciletti will have his long-term subscriptions posted again shortly.

Take a look at the results for our Top 10 leaderboard for 2016 below. These are the results for all sports and you can always find the full leaderboard and filter by individual sports at our top menu.

Rank Handicapper Profit ROI Win PCT W-L
1 Rob Vinciletti $9,095 +5.6% 55.8% 772-612
2 Teddy Davis $8,693 +6.7% 55.8% 647-513
3 John Martin $6,788 +2.5% 53.0% 1,259-1,117
4 TJ Pemberton $5,991 +3.6% 54.4% 777-651
5 GamePlan $4,256 +2.2% 52.9% 905-805
6 Jim Feist $3,737 +1.5% 52.7% 1,129-1,014
7 Bryan Power $3,705 +1.6% 55.4% 1,021-822
8 Stephen Nover $3,705 +3.9% 54.3% 450-379
9 Jeff Alexander $3,585 +2.6% 53.4% 660-576
10 Scott Spreitzer $3,339 +4.5% 55.0% 359-294

Current Leaderboard

Good luck, and may 2017 be your most profitable year ever betting on sports.

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