About Us

A Better Way to Find a Sports Handicapper

When Professional Sports Picks was founded, the idea was simple: to provide a way for customers to compare sports handicappers and find the one (or ones) that best fit their needs.

As soon as the Internet exploded, literally hundreds of handicapping services started popping up left and right. How was anyone supposed to know who was legitimately good at picking winners and who was just blowing smoke? That’s where we come in!

We start by vetting each service and making sure they are able to provide their customers with quality selections. Many of our handicappers have been in the industry for decades, but we do find excellent new up-and-comers as well.

At Professional Sports Picks we have done our best to make your process of choosing a handicapper as easy as possible. We provide up-to-date leaderboards and the best historical trends for every expert on the site. The goal is to educate our customers so that they can make the best possible choices.

Independent, Accurate Record-Keeping

It was important to us to establish an automated and independent way to track the records and results for every single handicapper. In this way we can give our customers an honest and accurate snapshot of just how good these services are performing. As a partner on the SportsCapping network, you can feel confident that all records are 100% accurate and verified.

Once a capper enters a pick in our system, it is locked in and cannot be changed. We publish the results of every handicapper from the previous day so that you know each and every customer receives the exact same picks.

While many of our handicappers do provide their own ratings system, we have chosen to assign the same value to every pick entered into the our system. Free picks are excluded from records, but every premium pick entered is graded on an equal 100 unit scale. This provides customers with a clearer picture of performance than allowing handicappers to assign more units to their picks. As an added bonus, we do track those picks that are listed as “Top Plays” for all handicappers, but these picks are still only worth 100 units each.

Industry Transparency is Good for Everyone!

Handicappers have gotten a bum rap over the years. We can see why. Years of silver-tongued swindlers promising unrealistic results backed by exaggerated numbers have all but conditioned customers to be dubious of anyone selling their picks. Those short-sighted scammers are not the type of handicapper you’ll find at ProfessionalSportPicks.com. That way of doing business is over. Those guys still exist in the industry, but even your average sports bettor is too smart to fall for their false promises anymore.

Providing accurate records and realistic goals to customers is the only way to move forward and establish a good business relationship. It harms both parties if handicappers falsify information. Sure, someone might be lured in initially, but if they soon find out the capper’s claims were false, that business is lost forever. That is a terrible business model. It takes a lot more of an investment to obtain a new customer than it does to keep one. We want your business long-term, which is why we will never give you exaggerated or false records for any handicapper, ever.