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Free SDQL Trends – Sports Betting Systems

SDQL is an acronym for Sports Data Query Language which is used to research databases made up mostly of historic box scores and other input data such as temperature, playing surface, coaches, and betting lines.

The database also includes upcoming schedules for situations matching your query, essentially spitting out situational free picks for you to bet on.

Once used to the syntax of the SDQL, you will be able to identify an endless amount of profitable situations, joining the ranks of sports enthusiasts, fantasy league players, the sports media, and professional and amateur handicappers who all use advanced data and situational handicapping to make their wagers.

The SDQL queries are run online with no download required. Queries are processed as they are entered, and the results are sent back to your browser. Sportsdatabase and Killersports used to the the go-to sites for SDQL, but we recommend using GimmeTheDog.com. It’s free to register an account, but note that the site is in beta mode and not working for every sport yet.

It might take a while to master the language, but it’s well worth digging into as it’s an extremely useful resource once you get a hang on it.

Start your SDQL experience with our free SDQL trends below or find a professional handicapper to follow at our sports handicapper leaderboards.


Free MLB SDQL Trends

#1. Back This Underdog Off A Win: D and WP < 40 and o:WP > 60 and op:W
For our first MLB betting system, we are backing underdog with a sub .400 record and off a win, facing a team that is playing .600 baseball or better. This situation has generated more than 5% ROI over a sample of more than 1,000 games.

#2. Play divisional home dogs up to +120 before the all-star break: season >= 2017 and HD and line <= 120 and DIV and BASB

3. Starting Pitcher Fade: sA(SHRA) <= .5 and p:BPRA >= 4 and line>=-140 and D and SG>1
Here we are fading a starting pitcher that is allowing fewer than 0.5 home runs per game while his bullpen allowed four runs or more in the previous game. Additionally, this should not the first game of the series and the opponent needs to be a favorite of -140 or greater.

4. Runs Galore: H and p:total – total = -1 and op:total – o:total = -1 and season >= 2018 and SG=1
Since 2018, the over has been a profitable wager in series openers where the total closes at one run higher than it did in the teams’ previous games.


Free NFL SDQL Trends

#1. Back Road Favorites Off A Bye Week: week=p:week+2 and AF and playoffs=0 and season>2001
For the first trend, we are isolating road favorites coming off their bye week. Since the start of the 2001 season, this query has hit 68% (66-31) against the spread.

#2. Underdog with a Bite: p:AW and HD and line<4 and DIV
Here we are looking to back a home team coming off a straight-up win on the road and now facing a divisional rival as an underdog. The query has hit a solid 67-46-4 (59.3%) against the spread.

#3. Points Galore: p:points<=10 and op:points<=10 and total>=41 and H and season>=1998
Games since 1998 with a total of 41+ when both teams scored 10 or fewer points in their last game are 29-11 (72.5%) over/under.