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SDQL is an acronym for Sports Data Query Language. It is a language used to research databases made up mostly of historic box scores and other user input data such as temperature, playing surface, coaches and betting lines.

The databases also include upcoming schedules for situations matching your query, giving you a free pick on what to bet on.

Users are able to isolate billions upon billions of interesting situations using SDQL, and the resource is used by sports enthusiasts, fantasy league players, the sports media and both professional and amateur handicappers.

Note that an SDQL query is not performed on your computer, it is sent over the internet and then performed on the supercomputers at before the results are sent back to your computer. This means that the freshest data are available all the time.

It might take a while to master the language, you can find an SDQL guide here, but once you get a hang on it, it’s an extremely useful resource.

You can also start your SDQL experience with our free SDQL trends sorted by sport below.

Free NFL SDQL Trends

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