How to Handicap Teams Off a Demoralizing Loss

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How to Handicap Teams Off a Demoralizing Loss

There is nothing worse for a team than coming off a last second loss, the kind of setback that could crush your season. Every year we see a handful of these games. An example would be a team coming in as a huge favorite, perhaps even at home, or a team coming off a huge win, only to fall flat their next time out. The defeat can be by 20, by 50, or my just 1, no matter how you put it, it’s a demoralizing loss.

The biggest question for a bettor is – how do you handicap the team that came off the demoralizing loss. Let’s discuss some of the betting tips you can implement and take a look a few things that you should consider the next time you make a bet.

The Next Opponent

The first thing you need to ask about such a bad loss – who are they playing in the next game? If the opponent is a team they should roll over, the demoralizing loss may not matter much. Look for a slow start maybe, but in the end, we know the talent should win out more than not. If it’s a big rival; it may not matter at all, because they are going to be ready to go, no matter what. Ask yourself who they are playing and take that into account when handicapping the game.

You also want to ask yourself if their next opponent look much like the one they just lost to. Now, not always can teams adjust come back and win the next one against a similar team. Look at the makeup of the new team they are playing and take that into effect when you are getting ready to make the bet.

Why Did It Happen?

Why did the demoralizing loss happen? Was it something that the team should be able to take care of or is it something that will continue to linger? In football; is it a bad defensive play, or was it just a fluke way to lose the game. Check out why the loss happened, and take a look at how they can fix it and evaluate whether they can fix it or not.

Previous History

Finally – how have this specific team reacted to previous demoralizing losses? Some teams are better than others at bouncing back from this type of loss. Some teams say the right things, and move on well. Some teams have a tough time, and many times you can tell in interviews with the team and coaches. Try to find post match interviews and keep those in mind before your next bet. Ask yourself – is this the first time this type of loss happened to this team. If it’s something that happens often, we know where to go in this game.

There you have it. Those are a few tips to help you handicap a team that is just coming off a demoralizing loss.

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