How to Bet on Sports with Bitcoin


How to Bet on Sports with Bitcoin and Recommended Bitcoin Sportsbooks

The virtual currency known as Bitcoin is ideal for deposits and withdrawals at online bookmakers. In this article we’ll set you up How to Bet on Sports with Bitcoin.

With completely anonymous transactions and the use of a VPN network which will protect the identity and location of the individual, there are now several online casinos and bookmakers that are accepting Bitcoin as a currency.

Bitcoin gives bettors in unlicensed locations the opportunity to keep gambling at their favorite casino games and sports.

Is Bitcoin Betting Anonymous?

Betting with bitcoin can be 100% anonymous, but simply using Bitcoin as your currency will not get the job done.

An official Bitcoin website writes that “all Bitcoin transactions are saved publicly and permanently on the network”, referred to as Blockchain.

In reality, this means that anyone can see the balance and transactions for any Bitcoin address. The identity of the owner of the address is however kept hidden until it is revealed through a transaction. In other words, your Bitcoin wallet is anonymous until you release your personal information to the online casino. At that point, your data can be linked to the Bitcoin address and related transactions.

It is possible to “clean” Bitcoin through a third party service. Reddit has several threads on this topic but this is basically how it works: a third party service is used to break the link between the sending Bitcoin address and the recipient.

In the case of Bitcoin, you should first send your Bitcoin to the “mixer” or “tumbler” and then send the currency to the online casino. In this way, your Bitcoin address is distorted and the Blockchain does not register a transaction between your address and the online casino or bookmaker.

The next step would be to register an account on an Internet casino that allows Bitcoin. Now it is important to find a casino that allows anonymous registration but also has a good reputation and good feedback.

As you probably already realized most online casinos recognize that anonymous registrations and Bitcoin are the perfect basis for fraud.

After all, if they take your Bitcoin either through a rigged game, terrible bookmakers odds, or simply disappear in the middle of the night or by the day, who are you gonna complain to? This is especially true if you bet from an area where casino gaming is not allowed.

Our Recommended Bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook

Nitrogen Sports has a sharp interface and a user-friendly design that made them one of the best Bitcoin bookmakers. You can bet on virtually all sports contests out there and also play casino games like craps, blackjack and roulette and even poker.

In addition, Nitrogen Sports has a good and long history of managing its bookmakers from Costa Rica, a haven for online betting providers.

Nitrogen Sports Advantages

  • Anonymous registration process that does not require any emails and offers two-step verification.
  • A large selection of events, games and betting variations.
  • High betting limits.
  • Poker rooms and craps available.
  • A nice social community.

There are also other respectable bookmakers that accept Bitcoin as currency:

Bitcoin Bookmakers and your Email

While many Bitcoin casinos do not ask for an email when registering, some do it. This is not a problem. There are many anonymous email services available.

The problem arise if you use the same email address you used to create your Bitcoin wallet for casino registration. This could make the email address a possible links between your wallet and the casino.

This is one of the reasons why you should tumble your Bitcoin before sending them to an online casino.

It would also be smart to create a separate anonymous email address if you set up a Bitcoin wallet with Blockchain itself.

Do not use your personal email address under any circumstances, especially if you reside somewhere where online games are illegal.

You should now possess all the necessary knowledge about how to bet on sports with bitcoin.

We recommend you to sign up at a bookmaker that accept bitcoin and follow the picks from one of our handicappers to maximize your chance of turning your Bitcoin bankroll into a fortune.

Check out our Buy Experts Sports Picks page for more information.

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