Sports Handicapper Leaderboard & Ranking 2024

Our All Sports Handicapper Leaderboard and Ranking answers the question of “who is the best sports handicapper in 2024?”, as it shows you the profits for the best sports handicappers in the world since January 1 of the current year.

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Frank Sawyer$2,984+16.6%61.9%96-59-11423.82
2Big Al McMordie$2,978+7.3%56.4%202-156-11110.52
3Hunter Price$2,691+7.0%56.4%184-14210129.30
4Alex Smart$2,136+4.2%54.5%247-206-1104.19
5Sean Murphy$2,032+7.9%57.0%126-95-1127.81
6Sal Michaels$2,005+5.7%55.2%169-137-1114.23
7Jesse Schule$1,693+8.0%60.5%98-64-1286.32
8John Ryan$1,688+6.3%54.9%130-107-1065.49
9Mike Williams$1,435+3.6%53.7%188-162-1063.58
10Mike Lundin$1,398+6.4%56.3%107-83-1134.08
11Brandon Lee$1,352+6.1%55.6%110-88-1104.02
12Zack Cimini$1,160+9.9%57.7%60-44-1115.44
13Dustin Hawkins$1,129+2.6%53.4%203-177-1072.28
14John Martin$1,011+1.8%53.5%263-229-1101.14
15Ricky Tran$569+2.2%57.4%113-84-1300.28
16Jeff Hochman$520+16.8%61.5%16-10-1114.23
17Doc's Sports$493+3.5%53.6%67-58-1070.91
18Kyle Hunter$461+3.0%54.0%75-64-1100.69
19Juan Carlos Flores$425+2.3%46.0%75-881271.26
20Teddy Davis$381+6.9%56.0%28-22-1111.16
22Jimmy Boyd$190+1.0%52.7%88-79-1090.10
23Stephen Nover$187+0.9%52.9%99-88-1110.04
24Rob Vinciletti$182+0.7%54.4%112-94-1150.32

About the Leaderboard

The results cover all major American sports, including; NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and college football and basketball as well as soccer, tennis, boxing, and UFC.

How are Results Verified?

All handicapper records are 100% documented. Active picks will show up on a handicapper’s page shortly after the game starts and for maximum transparency, a summary of yesterday’s picks is displayed on their respective handicapper pages. Our handicappers have a list of lines and odds to choose from a feed from widely available sportsbooks. The lines can not be manually edited, so no cheating is possible.

How are Profits Calculated?

Profits are calculated based on risking the line to win $100 when playing on favorites and risking $100 to win the line when playing on dogs.

Free picks results are not included in the results, and note that leaderboards for individual sports are on a seasonal basis.