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College Basketball Handicapper Leaderboards

Our College Basketball Handicapper Leaderboards feature the best handicappers in the nation over the full season, last 7 days, last 30 days, and last 60 days. This way it’s easy for you to find a college basketball service you can trust! Ride the hot hand or follow the long-term trends. Our third-party monitoring delivers college basketball handicapper leaderboards you can trust.

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Big Al McMordie$3,365+9.2%57.1%184-138-10916.17
2Frank Sawyer$2,135+11.3%58.3%98-70-11012.04
3Ben Burns$1,612+6.3%56.4%124-96-1125.54
4Steve Janus$1,452+7.3%56.2%95-74-1095.61
5Pure Lock$1,448+13.3%59.4%57-39-10910.15
6Jack Jones$1,409+4.7%54.6%143-119-1083.72
7Brandon Lee$1,387+4.9%54.7%139-115-1093.37
8Bobby Wing$1,358+3.5%54.1%189-160-1102.21
9Mark Wilson$1,349+3.7%54.2%167-141-1092.64
10Hunter Price$1,197+3.3%54.1%172-146-1101.86
11Calvin King$1,174+2.1%53.4%255-223-1091.37
12Sean Higgs$1,101+0.9%52.8%541-483-1100.42
13Dustin Hawkins$1,083+3.2%54.0%161-137-1092.10
14Johnny Banks$1,019+3.4%54.4%141-118-1111.75
15Doc's Sports$951+4.2%54.4%111-93-1092.09
16R&R Totals$818+5.5%55.5%71-57-1102.46
17Sal Michaels$751+2.3%53.6%150-130-1100.80
18John Martin$747+1.7%52.9%211-188-1090.43
19Dave Price$715+3.1%53.6%111-96-1081.20
20Bryan Power$705+3.0%53.8%113-97-1091.16
21Will Rogers$655+3.3%54.1%93-79-1091.27
23Jeff Alexander$543+1.6%53.0%168-149-1090.45
24Black Widow$423+1.6%53.2%123-108-1100.35
25Mikey Sports$405+5.0%54.8%40-33-1091.02
26Larry Wallace$372+2.6%53.6%67-58-1090.53
27Brody Vaughn$348+1.5%53.1%110-97-1100.24
28Scott Rickenbach$136+0.8%52.4%77-70-1090.02
29Kevin Young$89+0.4%52.3%101-92-1090.01
30Marc Lyle$61+0.3%52.4%108-98-1090.03
31Ray Monohan$20+0.1%52.4%66-60-1100.00
32Matt Fargo$2+0.0%52.0%51-47-1090.00

The Hottest Cappers in the Nation

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Scott Rickenbach$369+115.0%100.0%3-0
Jack Jones$300+90.4%100.0%3-0
John Martin$300+91.5%100.0%3-0
Art Aronson$300+91.7%100.0%3-0
Johnny Banks$291+52.7%80.0%4-1
Dave Price$200+94.8%100.0%2-0
Doc's Sports$200+90.9%100.0%2-0
Ryan Worden$200+96.6%100.0%2-0
Matt Sullivan$200+87.7%100.0%2-0
John Martin$2,130+20.9%63.3%57-33
Michael Alexander$1,429+10.7%57.9%70-51
Jack Jones$1,357+16.6%61.4%43-27
Johnny Banks$1,078+8.1%57.4%66-49
Sean Higgs$912+3.7%54.4%118-99
Marc Lyle$724+11.2%58.6%34-24
Scott Rickenbach$695+12.8%58.0%29-21
Doc's Sports$609+11.1%58.0%29-21
Dave Price$601+10.1%57.4%31-23
Bobby Wing$588+10.1%57.7%30-22

Bet Any Sports - Free Play up to $700

About Our College Basketball Leaderboards

The college basketball leaderboard profits are calculated based on risking the line to win $100 when playing on favorites and risking $100 to win the line when playing on dogs.

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