NFL Handicapper Leaderboards


NFL Handicapper Leaderboards

The Best NFL Handicappers in the World

Our NFL handicapper leaderboards update automatically every day, so you can be sure that the top cappers here are indeed the best in the world right now. We track hot streaks like who has owned the bookmaker over the last 7, 30 and 60 days as well as a full NFL handicapper ranking for the whole season.

All picks are submitted at least 30 minutes before kick-off and all picks with analysis show up on a handicappers’ page shortly after the game starts for transparency.

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RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Dennis Macklin$3,073+18.9%63.1%89-52-11329.36
2Jeff Alexander$1,719+7.0%55.9%123-97-1096.25
3John Martin$1,585+9.8%57.6%83-61-1108.04
4Art Aronson$1,404+10.9%58.3%67-48-1126.87
5Jimmy Boyd$1,369+12.4%59.0%59-41-1108.88
6Larry Ness$1,129+9.3%58.1%61-44-1135.41
7Doc's Sports$898+10.6%58.9%43-30-1125.46
8Jim Feist$895+6.5%56.5%65-50-1132.80
9Trev Rogers$828+5.2%55.2%79-64-1102.36
10Jack Jones$727+5.7%55.4%62-50-1111.71
11Jeff Hochman$581+16.3%61.3%19-12-1114.77
12Will Rogers$464+3.7%54.5%60-50-1110.83
13Steve Merril$419+3.5%53.6%59-51-1080.65
14Red Dog Sports$377+12.1%59.3%16-11-1161.70
15Calvin King$296+5.0%54.7%29-24-1090.70
16Pro Computer Gambler$277+5.4%56.8%25-19-1170.75
17Kyle Hunter$270+4.0%54.0%34-29-1080.53
18Bobby Wing$216+3.2%54.1%33-28-1100.36
19Dave Price$211+2.1%53.3%48-42-1100.16
20Johnny Wynn$162+5.1%55.6%15-12-1100.55
21Kevin Young$156+4.6%54.8%17-14-1100.38
22Rob Vinciletti$106+0.7%52.9%74-66-1100.06

The Hottest Cappers in the Nation

Check out our top sports handicappers to find the hottest cappers in the world over the last 7, 30 and 60 days.

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Bryan Power$200+86.2%100.0%2-0
Jimmy Boyd$200+88.9%100.0%2-0
Johnny Banks$200+88.9%100.0%2-0
Ben Burns$200+90.1%100.0%2-0
Tim Michael$200+85.8%100.0%2-0
Kyle Hunter$100+90.9%100.0%1-0
Art Aronson$100+90.9%100.0%1-0
Larry Ness$100+81.3%100.0%1-0
Jeff Hochman$100+83.3%100.0%1-0
Red Dog Sports$100+90.9%100.0%1-0
Jimmy Boyd$690+69.8%88.9%8-1
Jeff Alexander$558+28.6%66.7%12-6
Brandon Lee$493+64.9%85.7%6-1
John Martin$468+28.6%66.7%10-5
Jim Feist$457+37.7%72.7%8-3
Dennis Macklin$380+38.0%75.0%6-2
Ben Burns$379+42.3%75.0%6-2
Johnny Banks$346+15.4%60.0%12-8
Dave Price$287+38.5%71.4%5-2
Jack Jones$270+27.2%66.7%6-3


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