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Best Free NFL Teaser Bets & Parlays This Week

Check back every Thursday morning when we post our best NFL teasers and parlays every week of the 2021/2022 season. The best part is, it’s completely FREE!

We use the consensus of the NFL experts on our roster to make the selections and bring you our favorite NFL teaser pick and parlay for this week. Take a look at our free picks page for more free expert predictions.

Top NFL Week 15 Teaser (2-team, +6 points)

  • Patriots +8.5 (+2.5)
  • Panthers +16.5 (+10.5)

What is a Parlay?

A parlay is a bet where you combine multiple selections into one single wager. All of the selections on your ticket to win for your bet to win.

The odds of your parlay is calculated by multiplying the odds of the individual selections, so if you hit a parlay with two underdogs, you are looking at a healthy payout at low risk. The downside is of course that it's more difficult to hit two picks than one.

You can add several selections to your parlay, although few sportsbooks allow more than 10 legs in a parlay, and some sportsbooks even cap how much you can win on one single parlay. In the end though, the bigger the parlay the better the odds, and always make sure you are getting the "true odds", by multiplying the odds by your bet amount. Some sportsbooks pay out less, and if they do, you better find yourself a new sportsbook to bet at.

What is a Teaser?

Much like when betting a parlay, all picks included on your teaser bet slip must win in order for you to cash the ticket.

Unlike a parlay though where the payout for your bets multiplies, a teaser pays the same as one normal spread bet, commonly -120 but might depend on your sportsbook. The bonus is that you'll bet on alternate point spreads, which will depend on how many teams are in your teaser.

The most common teaser, a two-team teaser, moves the line six points in either direction for both of your selections. As an example, a 3.5-point underdog becomes a 9.5-point underdog, and a -7.5-point favorite becomes a -1.5-point favorite. You can tease both sides and totals, and most books accept teasing the total and the side on the same game.

Another common teaser is a three-team 10-point teaser, where you get 10 points to play with in either direction for your three selections, but again, all three picks need to win.

When playing NFL teasers, always try to buy key numbers; target numbers where the teaser moves you through numbers that have the most value. For a two-team teaser, an example would be to buy a 2.5-point underdog to 8.5-points, as that would get you through both the key numbers 3 and 7.